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Welcome to Historic Motorsport TV

The first dedicated video Channel for Historic Racing, offering a genuine insight within the historic racing world.

Our audience are the competitors and the wider historic racing community who are hungry for information but traditionally very hard to reach by any other means.

Equally our aim is engage new drivers to ensure the future of our industry. Media consumption amongst our audience as changed over the last year and we believe the time is right the time is now, we aim to bring you a series of programmes on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram.

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Race & Rally into 2021

Programmes 1, 2, & 3 were all about Racing and Rallying into 2021, launched on March 25, we combined a series of interviews and presentations with event organisers to offer competitors an overview of 2021, what’s new, how it’s all changing for Covid-19 and Brexit. In three bite sized programmes we talk to all the major UK’s event organisers.

All these interviews can be viewed on our You Tube channel right here

Current Programmes

Best of British Engineers

Great Classic Preparation
We take a look round some of the UK’s top Classic Teams and preparers see how they have coped with lockdown?

World Tour

Historic Motorsport

We tour the world’s iconic historic circuits sitting alongside some of the UK’s top historic drivers in a range of historic cars. For some hot laps from heaven!

Homemade – Built for Adventure

Lockdown Builders Many race competitors are talented engineers so we explore some fine projects going on in garden sheds all around the UK

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